Hi. I’m Summer.

You probably already guessed that.

Just your average computer nerd by day and photographer at night. I also design websites and logos on the side because, let’s be honest, to survive these days while nurturing my many skills and passions (humble brag)…a sista had to learn how to juggle!

From juggling a busy everyday life, to an insane daily commute, to working toward a lifelong dream, to trying to get stamps in my passport, to attempting to toss in a sprinkle of social life here and there I had to find my own little corner. My own place where I can just unwind and share my thoughts.

We’re all finding ourselves, we’re all traveling, we’re all dating, we’re all working hard to progress to that next stage of life…whatever that may mean.

No point in going through it alone.

Why not figure this sh*t out together?

So come on! Grab a bottle of your favorite wine (that’s right, the whole damn bottle) and kick back.

Let’s chat.

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